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I think It’s good to go. I just need the tool mount I honestly haven’t even sketched anything for that yet. Once I get an idea it should only take an hour or 2 in CAD then print and test…then slowly adapt all the mounts I have made.

I should be able to release all 3 sizes after I get a confirmation that everything works. I did all I could to make it parametric but it does still take some editing. Certain edges disappear or move and mates need to be changed. pretty quick

I finally tested the new corners, and almost released them but found an issue. I want to fix those soon. I like them much better.

So I guess Release depends on how long a good mount takes. I don’t want to do the type I had before it takes too much work since there will now be 3 versions. So some sort of universal I guess, If I can do it without loosing too much rigidity.