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Tool Mount-

-Alright, been sketching all day on and off. Best Idea so far is a burly dewalt mount and all the other add ons can just fit in it. I need to find it on thingiverse to give proper credit but someone did this for my original mount. This will keep the dewalt the most rigid and the rest don’t need so much rigidity. Not sure what to use as a base for the non-US versions

-The other is just a plate that screws on to the z rails like the regular mounts and bridges the whole gap and you can sink nuts in the back and it is a universal mount plate that you screw the other mounts on. This would save having to take the tool out of the mount before unscrewing it from the plate.

My thinking is nothing but the spindles really need a beefy mount so make sure whatever universal “plate” it is the spindles are on there as close as possible to the rails to decrease the lever arm and make the compromises with the other add-ons.

-Now that I typed that maybe a combo. A “spindle (dewalt)” mount with a pegboard plate behind it that the extruders and laser can screw on to?