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John Paterson

I am in the UK and favour the Makita RT0700CX4/2 router, priced between £90 and £120.
But I found (eBay and Amazon) a nearly identical copy branded Katsu (model 101748), priced at about £40, which I bought.
Its dimensions are identical to the Makita; I attach a Makita user manual for information.

I haven’t yet tried it out, but it looks well made and user reviews on eBay and Amazon rate it good.

Some dimensions are: cylindrical body diameter 65mm, cylindrical body length 84 mm, overal height from tip of collet to top of upper casing 198mm, upper casing size 105 x 75mm.

Other non-US MPCNC users may be interested in this router.
By the way I have no connection with this product or the suppliers I mentioned above.

Thanks for open-sourcing this great machine; has given me a lot of fun.