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Yes, it is working quite well with my blue tape hack on the Y axis conduit. So I’ll be interested in taking a pass at the beta version of the new middle, in fact I’ll probably print up a second set of parts planning on making a slightly larger version soon.

I did another test where I plotted the 100mm square and then drew a 100mm circle centered on the square and it printed a perfect circle perfectly centered in the square. So I think that confirms that things are nice an square and no significant slop at least when drawing with the felt tip. And I have the felt tip pretty well mashed down so it there was some slop I would expect to see it. Of course the wider lines might still mask some issues at finer resolution.

It will be about a week before the router arrives, no one had it in stock nearby but HD says that they can get it to my by the 22 to the 25th. Then I can start to get it “dirty”.

I do have a question on coordinates.

Right now I home it to the lower left corner with the homing command. But all my movements onto the work area are negative from that origin point.

I seem to recall a posting somewhere in the forums that talked about coordinates and origins but I was trying to find that earlier on my tablet and didn’t have much luck. Most of the example G code that I’ve seen is working with positive coordinates so I figure that there must be something that I’m missing.

One of the first things I’m going to try (after some initial routing tests) is to design a custom transition for a curved area of our tile and hardwood floors. I’ve never been able to find something suitable and have a pieced together bit of transition that is OK but with the CNC router I should be able to perfectly make the custom curve that I need. I even have an idea on how I might be able to actually do the entire length even on the smaller format machine as currently built. But I’ll have to do some experimentation first.

After that I want to test some PCB routing for a couple of projects, and like I say I want to make a slightly larger format machine. I may keep this first on set up just for PCB routing. If I don’t retask the steppers from this I’ll order some steppers from the store for the next build.