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Mine show up .2mm-.25mm under the size show in the for the version.

Make sure you are sanding or filing your conduit edges before jamming them in there that seems to make things not fit for some reason. You’d think the sharp edge would file down the hole as you are pushing it through but it seems to actually just make it worse.

The piece are a tension fit and should flex a bit, without this the whole assembly would be very flexible. Think of it as pre-loading.

Also do a calibration cube print to check your printer and also make sure it is printing square, just a had a user this morning find out his printer does not print square, even thought the calibration cube is within specs he was getting 90 degree walls. Over extrusion is the most common issue though.

The parts have been out there a while now with hundreds of builds, at this point I am pretty certain the parts aren’t usually the issue.