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Okay, quick update for the new center assembly. I think I have a valid idea for a “quick/universal” mount. Going off HicWic’s idea, and not wanting to make 3 versions of every tool mount. I think I can make a nice plate to fit most tools and retain rigidity, that’s the big if. We have all learned a lot by using the cnc , strengths and weaknesses, so hopefully I get out some improved parts pretty soon, and a 3rd size.

The bad part is I feel I should actually make all 3 sizes of the center assembly to make sure I don’t paint myself into a corner, dimension wise, before I design the mount. I am pretty sure the 23.5mm has the smallest dimension I am worried about but Just want to be safe.

So tomorrow I will do my daily stuff then get cracking on the other 2 assemblies, then once they are done I will work on the mount. Once I have something valid I might just release the parts to a few volunteers first to limit the number of pieces in the wild, so I don’t have to change every part name and number to avoid confusion and save time.

Anybody have some spare parts and want to start printing the new center pieces for 23.5mm? It is actually easier and faster to build and print than the last one