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Hi everyone!

Before all, thank you Leo69 and Vicious1.

I’ve been searching for information for months to find out how to modify my prusa i3 and I found your explanation just excellent!

I bought a chinese laser with driver from ebay a few weeks ago but didn’t really know how to control it without burning it at first plug.

I have been following all the tutorial, using the 5W resistor with the diods for a first test, and it worked well, except I can only get 0V or 5V ( but no intermediate value) at pin 44

As my driver is not the same, I just wanted to check the amperage.

My laser is a 2W , and I got 1,6V testing at the 5W ceramic resistor, so I didn’t modify the tuning.

After the diods/resistor test, I added the 10K resistor for security, but since, there’s no more control on the driver, the M106 command has no effect.

Could it be a problem with the resistor’s value?

Ok, I just checked the resistor, there were a shortcut inside the protection I had put around (thermo), must have molten when I heated it.

I still have a laser flash when I put switch the power on, but commands M106 and M107 work like a charm!