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I made a makeshift but which worked but tore up the inside a bit (PETG drills pretty well but my crapy hammered bit was a bit unstable). This works but its not pretty and it could mess up the part.

I found a much easier way of dealing with the small holes: melting them

I ground the tip of the conduit like Vicious suggested. I did this here to ensure that the very tip of the conduit would be small enough to fit inside the small hole. I then just heated the conduit a bit with my torch so it would melt the plastic and slide in. Grinding the tip helps ensure that the tip fits in the small hole and thus the hot pipe is centered when it is slid in. (sounds a little dirty, I know 😉 ). I was also able to rig up a square to help guide it in straight as well.

I was worried that the hole would be too large but it is not. Additionally, this leaves a little residual plastic on the conduit which helps ensure a good grip as well. Using a square as a guide is also a good idea.

If anyone else with the same issue does this, then make sure to be careful. Conduit is generally galvanized. when galvanized metal gets heated very high (it has to get extreemly hot for this but a torch can do it), then it vaporizes into a harmful gas. welders know it as metal fume fever.