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I have been using Octopi on my 3D printers for a good while and love it. I have a Printrbot Simple Metal (Printrboard) and a Makerfarm Pegasus (Ramps).

Using Octopi on an original Raspberry Pi works, but it’s much faster on the newer models (2/3).

I can start a print job from any network connected device and monitor it’s progress including a live video feed.

I am still in the building stages of my mpcnc but plan on using Octopi with it and I will share my experience here.

Having an LCD on a machine is definitely nice and recommended. Not having to copy to an SD Card, remove it, walk over to your (cnc/3d printer/lasering/etc.) machine and insert it and then fiddle with a limited gui is even better. That’s a benefit of Octoprint/pi. If you’re working on a design, you can generate the gcode, upload it and start the job without leaving your computer or bothering with sd cards. It’s particularly handy for monitoring lasering progress from a different room.