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How big did you make it and what are you using for a spindle?

The pipes are 3 feet x 4 feet. This particular cut was near one corner, and was 16″x16″. I am using DeWalt “The Beast” DW660. I don’t have any supports in the middle of the pipes. I would add some, but I can’t with the way I’ve made my cable chains attach.

(As a side note, I was thinking of making the zip tie chair from, and I thought I should try it 1/3 scale first, so that’s what this project is. It actually turned out functional, although I made several mistakes while trying to recut it deeper.)

But wait for any judgments until you have the machine level and the spoil board surfaced, than see how close your numbers are.

Yeah, I don’t have a good way to surface the plywood. I think maybe plywood was a mistake, because it will splinter like crazy instead of making a smooth surface. I also only have 1/8″ bits. Maybe I’m just limited to 1mm Z error until I get a bigger surfacing bit, and I replace the spoil board with some MDF.

I was thinking of cutting some pieces that were about the same size as the cutting area, and I was thinking I’d make them in this 3/4″ ply material. Maybe I should just cut them out of the spoil board before it gets too spoiled 🙂 .

Keep me/us in the loop I would love to know how dialed in you can get it.

I’ll certainly keep you/you in the loop. I have much to learn.