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I went ahead and printed that 55mm measuring stand on your thingiverse page. I think that will help. Pretty sure I have my focus pretty spot on now. Don’t have a picture of any burned wood yet. I’ll try to post later. I noticed in your first post you had your laser driver voltage set to 6.5v and 1.8amps? I believe mine is currently set to 5.5v and 1.7amps. Would it hurt to up my voltage and amps a little more, or am I better off keeping it where it’s at? By the way. Here’s a snippet from my gcode (small object approx 50mm?). I noticed the feedrate command is just output as F800. Shouldn’t it be G1 F800 or does that matter?

(Generated by 3dpBurner Image2Gcode v1.0)
(@Apr/25/2016 21:06:07)

G0 X0 Y0
(Header end)



G0 X-30 Y21.75; Move to top left corner and begin box
G92 X0 Y43.5

M106 S5
G0 X60
G0 Y0
G0 X0

G0 X0 Y0
M106 S0
G1 X0 G1 Y0
M106 S0
G1 X0.18
G1 X0 G1 Y0.18
G1 Y0.36
G1 X0.18 G1 Y0.18
G1 X0.36 G1 Y0
G1 X0.54
G1 X0.36 G1 Y0.18
G1 X0.18 G1 Y0.36
G1 X0 G1 Y0.54
G1 Y0.72
G1 X0.18 G1 Y0.54
G1 X0.36 G1 Y0.36
G1 X0.54 G1 Y0.18
G1 X0.72 G1 Y0
G1 X0.9
G1 X0.72 G1 Y0.18
G1 X0.54 G1 Y0.36
G1 X0.36 G1 Y0.54
G1 X0.18 G1 Y0.72
G1 X0 G1 Y0.9
G1 Y1.08
G1 X0.18 G1 Y0.9
G1 X0.36 G1 Y0.72
G1 X0.54 G1 Y0.54
G1 X0.72 G1 Y0.36
G1 X0.9 G1 Y0.18
G1 X1.08 G1 Y0
G1 X1.26
G1 X1.08 G1 Y0.18
G1 X0.9 G1 Y0.36
G1 X0.72 G1 Y0.54
G1 X0.54 G1 Y0.72
G1 X0.36 G1 Y0.9
G1 X0.18 G1 Y1.08
G1 X0 G1 Y1.26
G1 Y1.44
G1 X0.18 G1 Y1.26
G1 X0.36 G1 Y1.08
G1 X0.54 G1 Y0.9
G1 X0.72 G1 Y0.72
G1 X0.9 G1 Y0.54
G1 X1.08 G1 Y0.36
G1 X1.26 G1 Y0.18
G1 X1.44 G1 Y0
G1 X1.62
G1 X1.44 G1 Y0.18
G1 X1.26 G1 Y0.36
G1 X1.08 G1 Y0.54
G1 X0.9 G1 Y0.72
G1 X0.72 G1 Y0.9
G1 X0.54 G1 Y1.08
G1 X0.36 G1 Y1.26
G1 X0.18 G1 Y1.44
G1 X0 G1 Y1.62
G1 Y1.8
G1 X0.18 G1 Y1.62
G1 X0.36 G1 Y1.44
G1 X0.54 G1 Y1.26
G1 X0.72 G1 Y1.08
G1 X0.9 G1 Y0.9
G1 X1.08 G1 Y0.72
G1 X1.26 G1 Y0.54
G1 X1.44 G1 Y0.36
G1 X1.62 G1 Y0.18
G1 X1.8 G1 Y0
G1 X1.98
G1 X1.8 G1 Y0.18
G1 X1.62 G1 Y0.36
G1 X1.44 G1 Y0.54
G1 X1.26 G1 Y0.72
G1 X1.08 G1 Y0.9
G1 X0.9 G1 Y1.08
G1 X0.72 G1 Y1.26
G1 X0.54 G1 Y1.44
G1 X0.36 G1 Y1.62
G1 X0.18 G1 Y1.8
G1 X0 G1 Y1.98
G1 Y2.16
G1 X0.18 G1 Y1.98
G1 X0.36 G1 Y1.8
G1 X0.54 G1 Y1.62
G1 X0.72 G1 Y1.44
G1 X0.9 G1 Y1.26
G1 X1.08 G1 Y1.08
G1 X1.26 G1 Y0.9
G1 X1.44 G1 Y0.72
G1 X1.62 G1 Y0.54
G1 X1.8 G1 Y0.36
G1 X1.98 G1 Y0.18
G1 X2.16 G1 Y0
G1 X2.34
G1 X2.16 G1 Y0.18
G1 X1.98 G1 Y0.36
G1 X1.8 G1 Y0.54
G1 X1.62 G1 Y0.72
G1 X1.44 G1 Y0.9
G1 X1.26 G1 Y1.08
G1 X1.08 G1 Y1.26
G1 X0.9 G1 Y1.44
G1 X0.72 G1 Y1.62
G1 X0.54 G1 Y1.8
G1 X0.36 G1 Y1.98
G1 X0.18 G1 Y2.16
G1 X0 G1 Y2.34
G1 Y2.52
G1 X0.18 G1 Y2.34
G1 X0.36 G1 Y2.16
G1 X0.54 G1 Y1.98
G1 X0.72 G1 Y1.8
G1 X0.9 G1 Y1.62
G1 X1.08 G1 Y1.44
G1 X1.26 G1 Y1.26
G1 X1.44 G1 Y1.08
G1 X1.62 G1 Y0.9
G1 X1.8 G1 Y0.72
G1 X1.98 G1 Y0.54
G1 X2.16 G1 Y0.36
G1 X2.34 G1 Y0.18
G1 X2.52 G1 Y0
G1 X2.7
G1 X2.52 G1 Y0.18
G1 X2.34 G1 Y0.36
G1 X2.16 G1 Y0.54
G1 X1.98 G1 Y0.72
G1 X1.8 G1 Y0.9
G1 X1.62 G1 Y1.08
G1 X1.44 G1 Y1.26
G1 X1.26 G1 Y1.44
G1 X1.08 G1 Y1.62
G1 X0.9 G1 Y1.8
G1 X0.72 G1 Y1.98
G1 X0.54 G1 Y2.16
G1 X0.36 G1 Y2.34
G1 X0.18 G1 Y2.52
G1 X0 G1 Y2.7
G1 Y2.88
G1 X0.18 G1 Y2.7
G1 X0.36 G1 Y2.52
G1 X0.54 G1 Y2.34
G1 X0.72 G1 Y2.16
G1 X0.9 G1 Y1.98
G1 X1.08 G1 Y1.8
G1 X1.26 G1 Y1.62
G1 X1.44 G1 Y1.44
G1 X1.62 G1 Y1.26
G1 X1.8 G1 Y1.08
G1 X1.98 G1 Y0.9
G1 X2.16 G1 Y0.72
G1 X2.34 G1 Y0.54
G1 X2.52 G1 Y0.36
G1 X2.7 G1 Y0.18
G1 X2.88 G1 Y0
G1 X3.06
G1 X2.88 G1 Y0.18
G1 X2.7 G1 Y0.36
G1 X2.52 G1 Y0.54
G1 X2.34 G1 Y0.72
G1 X2.16 G1 Y0.9
G1 X1.98 G1 Y1.08
G1 X1.8 G1 Y1.26
G1 X1.62 G1 Y1.44
G1 X1.44 G1 Y1.62
G1 X1.26 G1 Y1.8
G1 X1.08 G1 Y1.98
G1 X0.9 G1 Y2.16
G1 X0.72 G1 Y2.34
G1 X0.54 G1 Y2.52
G1 X0.36 G1 Y2.7
G1 X0.18 G1 Y2.88
G1 X0 G1 Y3.06
G1 Y3.24
G1 X0.18 G1 Y3.06
G1 X0.36 G1 Y2.88
G1 X0.54 G1 Y2.7
G1 X0.72 G1 Y2.52
G1 X0.9 G1 Y2.34
G1 X1.08 G1 Y2.16
G1 X1.26 G1 Y1.98
G1 X1.44 G1 Y1.8
G1 X1.62 G1 Y1.62
G1 X1.8 G1 Y1.44
G1 X1.98 G1 Y1.26
G1 X2.16 G1 Y1.08
G1 X2.34 G1 Y0.9
G1 X2.52 G1 Y0.72
G1 X2.7 G1 Y0.54
G1 X2.88 G1 Y0.36
G1 X3.06 G1 Y0.18
G1 X3.24 G1 Y0
G1 X3.42
G1 X3.24 G1 Y0.18
G1 X3.06 G1 Y0.36
G1 X2.88 G1 Y0.54
G1 X2.7 G1 Y0.72
G1 X2.52 G1 Y0.9
G1 X2.34 G1 Y1.08
G1 X2.16 G1 Y1.26
G1 X1.98 G1 Y1.44
G1 X1.8 G1 Y1.62
G1 X1.62 G1 Y1.8
G1 X1.44 G1 Y1.98
G1 X1.26 G1 Y2.16
G1 X1.08 G1 Y2.34
G1 X0.9 G1 Y2.52
G1 X0.72 G1 Y2.7
G1 X0.54 G1 Y2.88
G1 X0.36 G1 Y3.06
G1 X0.18 G1 Y3.24
G1 X0 G1 Y3.42
G1 Y3.6
G1 X0.18 G1 Y3.42
G1 X0.36 G1 Y3.24
G1 X0.54 G1 Y3.06
G1 X0.72 G1 Y2.88
G1 X0.9 G1 Y2.7
G1 X1.08 G1 Y2.52
G1 X1.26 G1 Y2.34
G1 X1.44 G1 Y2.16
G1 X1.62 G1 Y1.98
G1 X1.8 G1 Y1.8
G1 X1.98 G1 Y1.62
G1 X2.16 G1 Y1.44
G1 X2.34 G1 Y1.26
G1 X2.52 G1 Y1.08
G1 X2.7 G1 Y0.9
G1 X2.88 G1 Y0.72
G1 X3.06 G1 Y0.54
G1 X3.24 G1 Y0.36
G1 X3.42 G1 Y0.18
G1 X3.6 G1 Y0
G1 X3.78
G1 X3.6 G1 Y0.18
G1 X3.42 G1 Y0.36
G1 X3.24 G1 Y0.54
G1 X3.06 G1 Y0.72
G1 X2.88 G1 Y0.9
G1 X2.7 G1 Y1.08
G1 X2.52 G1 Y1.26
G1 X2.34 G1 Y1.44
G1 X2.16 G1 Y1.62
G1 X1.98 G1 Y1.8
G1 X1.8 G1 Y1.98
G1 X1.62 G1 Y2.16
G1 X1.44 G1 Y2.34
G1 X1.26 G1 Y2.52
G1 X1.08 G1 Y2.7
G1 X0.9 G1 Y2.88
G1 X0.72 G1 Y3.06
G1 X0.54 G1 Y3.24
G1 X0.36 G1 Y3.42
G1 X0.18 G1 Y3.6
G1 X0 G1 Y3.78
G1 Y3.96
G1 X0.18 G1 Y3.78
G1 X0.36 G1 Y3.6
G1 X0.54 G1 Y3.42
G1 X0.72 G1 Y3.24
G1 X0.9 G1 Y3.06
G1 X1.08 G1 Y2.88
G1 X1.26 G1 Y2.7
G1 X1.44 G1 Y2.52
G1 X1.62 G1 Y2.34
G1 X1.8 G1 Y2.16
G1 X1.98 G1 Y1.98
G1 X2.16 G1 Y1.8
G1 X2.34 G1 Y1.62
G1 X2.52 G1 Y1.44
G1 X2.7 G1 Y1.26
G1 X2.88 G1 Y1.08
G1 X3.06 G1 Y0.9
G1 X3.24 G1 Y0.72
G1 X3.42 G1 Y0.54
G1 X3.6 G1 Y0.36
G1 X3.78 G1 Y0.18
G1 X3.96 G1 Y0
G1 X4.14
G1 X3.96 G1 Y0.18
G1 X3.78 G1 Y0.36
G1 X3.6 G1 Y0.54
G1 X3.42 G1 Y0.72
G1 X3.24 G1 Y0.9
G1 X3.06 G1 Y1.08
G1 X2.88 G1 Y1.26
G1 X2.7 G1 Y1.44
G1 X2.52 G1 Y1.62
G1 X2.34 G1 Y1.8
G1 X2.16 G1 Y1.98
G1 X1.98 G1 Y2.16
G1 X1.8 G1 Y2.34
G1 X1.62 G1 Y2.52
G1 X1.44 G1 Y2.7
G1 X1.26 G1 Y2.88
G1 X1.08 G1 Y3.06
G1 X0.9 G1 Y3.24
G1 X0.72 G1 Y3.42
G1 X0.54 G1 Y3.6
G1 X0.36 G1 Y3.78
G1 X0.18 G1 Y3.96
G1 X0 G1 Y4.14
G1 Y4.32
G1 X0.18 G1 Y4.14
G1 X0.36 G1 Y3.96
G1 X0.54 G1 Y3.78
G1 X0.72 G1 Y3.6
G1 X0.9 G1 Y3.42
G1 X1.08 G1 Y3.24
G1 X1.26 G1 Y3.06
G1 X1.44 G1 Y2.88
G1 X1.62 G1 Y2.7
G1 X1.8 G1 Y2.52
G1 X1.98 G1 Y2.34
G1 X2.16 G1 Y2.16
G1 X2.34 G1 Y1.98
G1 X2.52 G1 Y1.8
G1 X2.7 G1 Y1.62
G1 X2.88 G1 Y1.44
G1 X3.06 G1 Y1.26
G1 X3.24 G1 Y1.08
G1 X3.42 G1 Y0.9
G1 X3.6 G1 Y0.72
G1 X3.78 G1 Y0.54
G1 X3.96 G1 Y0.36
G1 X4.14 G1 Y0.18
G1 X4.32 G1 Y0
G1 X4.5
G1 X4.32 G1 Y0.18
G1 X4.14 G1 Y0.36
G1 X3.96 G1 Y0.54
G1 X3.78 G1 Y0.72
G1 X3.6 G1 Y0.9
G1 X3.42 G1 Y1.08
G1 X3.24 G1 Y1.26
G1 X3.06 G1 Y1.44
G1 X2.88 G1 Y1.62
G1 X2.7 G1 Y1.8
G1 X2.52 G1 Y1.98
G1 X2.34 G1 Y2.16
G1 X2.16 G1 Y2.34
G1 X1.98 G1 Y2.52
G1 X1.8 G1 Y2.7
G1 X1.62 G1 Y2.88
G1 X1.44 G1 Y3.06
G1 X1.26 G1 Y3.24
G1 X1.08 G1 Y3.42
G1 X0.9 G1 Y3.6
G1 X0.72 G1 Y3.78
G1 X0.54 G1 Y3.96
G1 X0.36 G1 Y4.14
G1 X0.18 G1 Y4.32
G1 X0 G1 Y4.5
G1 Y4.68
G1 X0.18 G1 Y4.5
G1 X0.36 G1 Y4.32
G1 X0.54 G1 Y4.14
G1 X0.72 G1 Y3.96
G1 X0.9 G1 Y3.78
G1 X1.08 G1 Y3.6
G1 X1.26 G1 Y3.42
G1 X1.44 G1 Y3.24
G1 X1.62 G1 Y3.06
G1 X1.8 G1 Y2.88
G1 X1.98 G1 Y2.7
G1 X2.16 G1 Y2.52
G1 X2.34 G1 Y2.34
G1 X2.52 G1 Y2.16
G1 X2.7 G1 Y1.98
G1 X2.88 G1 Y1.8
G1 X3.06 G1 Y1.62
G1 X3.24 G1 Y1.44
G1 X3.42 G1 Y1.26
G1 X3.6 G1 Y1.08
G1 X3.78 G1 Y0.9
G1 X3.96 G1 Y0.72
G1 X4.14 G1 Y0.54
G1 X4.32 G1 Y0.36
G1 X4.5 G1 Y0.18
G1 X4.68 G1 Y0
G1 X4.86
G1 X4.68 G1 Y0.18
G1 X4.5 G1 Y0.36
G1 X4.32 G1 Y0.54
G1 X4.14 G1 Y0.72
G1 X3.96 G1 Y0.9
G1 X3.78 G1 Y1.08
G1 X3.6 G1 Y1.26
G1 X3.42 G1 Y1.44
G1 X3.24 G1 Y1.62
G1 X3.06 G1 Y1.8
G1 X2.88 G1 Y1.98
G1 X2.7 G1 Y2.16
G1 X2.52 G1 Y2.34
G1 X2.34 G1 Y2.52
G1 X2.16 G1 Y2.7
G1 X1.98 G1 Y2.88
G1 X1.8 G1 Y3.06
G1 X1.62 G1 Y3.24
G1 X1.44 G1 Y3.42
G1 X1.26 G1 Y3.6
G1 X1.08 G1 Y3.78
G1 X0.9 G1 Y3.96
G1 X0.72 G1 Y4.14
G1 X0.54 G1 Y4.32
G1 X0.36 G1 Y4.5
G1 X0.18 G1 Y4.68
G1 X0 G1 Y4.86
G1 Y5.04
G1 X0.18 G1 Y4.86
G1 X0.36 G1 Y4.68
G1 X0.54 G1 Y4.5
G1 X0.72 G1 Y4.32
G1 X0.9 G1 Y4.14
G1 X1.08 G1 Y3.96
G1 X1.26 G1 Y3.78
G1 X1.44 G1 Y3.6
G1 X1.62 G1 Y3.42
G1 X1.8 G1 Y3.24
G1 X1.98 G1 Y3.06
G1 X2.16 G1 Y2.88
G1 X2.34 G1 Y2.7
G1 X2.52 G1 Y2.52
G1 X2.7 G1 Y2.34
G1 X2.88 G1 Y2.16
G1 X3.06 G1 Y1.98
G1 X3.24 G1 Y1.8
G1 X3.42 G1 Y1.62
G1 X3.6 G1 Y1.44
G1 X3.78 G1 Y1.26
G1 X3.96 G1 Y1.08
G1 X4.14 G1 Y0.9
G1 X4.32 G1 Y0.72
G1 X4.5 G1 Y0.54
G1 X4.68 G1 Y0.36
G1 X4.86 G1 Y0.18
G1 X5.04 G1 Y0
G1 X5.22
G1 X5.04 G1 Y0.18
G1 X4.86 G1 Y0.36
G1 X4.68 G1 Y0.54
G1 X4.5 G1 Y0.72
G1 X4.32 G1 Y0.9
G1 X4.14 G1 Y1.08
G1 X3.96 G1 Y1.26
G1 X3.78 G1 Y1.44
G1 X3.6 G1 Y1.62
G1 X3.42 G1 Y1.8
G1 X3.24 G1 Y1.98
G1 X3.06 G1 Y2.16
G1 X2.88 G1 Y2.34
G1 X2.7 G1 Y2.52
G1 X2.52 G1 Y2.7
G1 X2.34 G1 Y2.88
G1 X2.16 G1 Y3.06
G1 X1.98 G1 Y3.24
G1 X1.8 G1 Y3.42
G1 X1.62 G1 Y3.6
G1 X1.44 G1 Y3.78
G1 X1.26 G1 Y3.96
G1 X1.08 G1 Y4.14
G1 X0.9 G1 Y4.32
G1 X0.72 G1 Y4.5
G1 X0.54 G1 Y4.68
G1 X0.36 G1 Y4.86
G1 X0.18 G1 Y5.04
G1 X0 G1 Y5.22
G1 Y5.4
G1 X0.18 G1 Y5.22
G1 X0.36 G1 Y5.04
G1 X0.54 G1 Y4.86
G1 X0.72 G1 Y4.68
G1 X0.9 G1 Y4.5
G1 X1.08 G1 Y4.32
G1 X1.26 G1 Y4.14
G1 X1.44 G1 Y3.96
G1 X1.62 G1 Y3.78
G1 X1.8 G1 Y3.6
G1 X1.98 G1 Y3.42
G1 X2.16 G1 Y3.24
G1 X2.34 G1 Y3.06
G1 X2.52 G1 Y2.88
G1 X2.7 G1 Y2.7
G1 X2.88 G1 Y2.52
G1 X3.06 G1 Y2.34
G1 X3.24 G1 Y2.16
G1 X3.42 G1 Y1.98
G1 X3.6 G1 Y1.8
G1 X3.78 G1 Y1.62
G1 X3.96 G1 Y1.44
G1 X4.14 G1 Y1.26
G1 X4.32 G1 Y1.08
G1 X4.5 G1 Y0.9
G1 X4.68 G1 Y0.72
G1 X4.86 G1 Y0.54
G1 X5.04 G1 Y0.36
G1 X5.22 G1 Y0.18
G1 X5.4 G1 Y0
G1 X5.58
G1 X5.4 G1 Y0.18
G1 X5.22 G1 Y0.36
G1 X5.04 G1 Y0.54
G1 X4.86 G1 Y0.72
G1 X4.68 G1 Y0.9
G1 X4.5 G1 Y1.08
G1 X4.32 G1 Y1.26
G1 X4.14 G1 Y1.44
G1 X3.96 G1 Y1.62
G1 X3.78 G1 Y1.8
G1 X3.6 G1 Y1.98
G1 X3.42 G1 Y2.16
G1 X3.24 G1 Y2.34
G1 X3.06 G1 Y2.52
G1 X2.88 G1 Y2.7
G1 X2.7 G1 Y2.88
G1 X2.52 G1 Y3.06
G1 X2.34 G1 Y3.24
G1 X2.16 G1 Y3.42
G1 X1.98 G1 Y3.6
G1 X1.8 G1 Y3.78
G1 X1.62 G1 Y3.96
G1 X1.44 G1 Y4.14
G1 X1.26 G1 Y4.32
G1 X1.08 G1 Y4.5
G1 X0.9 G1 Y4.68
G1 X0.72 G1 Y4.86
G1 X0.54 G1 Y5.04
G1 X0.36 G1 Y5.22
G1 X0.18 G1 Y5.4
G1 X0 G1 Y5.58
G1 Y5.76
G1 X0.18 G1 Y5.58
G1 X0.36 G1 Y5.4
G1 X0.54 G1 Y5.22
G1 X0.72 G1 Y5.04
G1 X0.9 G1 Y4.86
G1 X1.08 G1 Y4.68
G1 X1.26 G1 Y4.5
G1 X1.44 G1 Y4.32
G1 X1.62 G1 Y4.14
G1 X1.8 G1 Y3.96
G1 X1.98 G1 Y3.78
G1 X2.16 G1 Y3.6
G1 X2.34 G1 Y3.42
G1 X2.52 G1 Y3.24
G1 X2.7 G1 Y3.06
G1 X2.88 G1 Y2.88
G1 X3.06 G1 Y2.7
G1 X3.24 G1 Y2.52
G1 X3.42 G1 Y2.34
G1 X3.6 G1 Y2.16
G1 X3.78 G1 Y1.98
G1 X3.96 G1 Y1.8
G1 X4.14 G1 Y1.62
G1 X4.32 G1 Y1.44
G1 X4.5 G1 Y1.26
G1 X4.68 G1 Y1.08
G1 X4.86 G1 Y0.9
G1 X5.04 G1 Y0.72
G1 X5.22 G1 Y0.54
G1 X5.4 G1 Y0.36
G1 X5.58 G1 Y0.18
G1 X5.76 G1 Y0
G1 X5.94
G1 X5.76 G1 Y0.18
G1 X5.58 G1 Y0.36
G1 X5.4 G1 Y0.54
G1 X5.22 G1 Y0.72
G1 X5.04 G1 Y0.9
G1 X4.86 G1 Y1.08
G1 X4.68 G1 Y1.26
G1 X4.5 G1 Y1.44
G1 X4.32 G1 Y1.62
G1 X4.14 G1 Y1.8
G1 X3.96 G1 Y1.98
G1 X3.78 G1 Y2.16
G1 X3.6 G1 Y2.34
G1 X3.42 G1 Y2.52
G1 X3.24 G1 Y2.7
G1 X3.06 G1 Y2.88
G1 X2.88 G1 Y3.06
G1 X2.7 G1 Y3.24
G1 X2.52 G1 Y3.42
G1 X2.34 G1 Y3.6
G1 X2.16 G1 Y3.78
G1 X1.98 G1 Y3.96
G1 X1.8 G1 Y4.14
G1 X1.62 G1 Y4.32
G1 X1.44 G1 Y4.5
G1 X1.26 G1 Y4.68
G1 X1.08 G1 Y4.86
G1 X0.9 G1 Y5.04
G1 X0.72 G1 Y5.22
G1 X0.54 G1 Y5.4
G1 X0.36 G1 Y5.58
G1 X0.18 G1 Y5.76
G1 X0 G1 Y5.94
G1 Y6.12
G1 X0.18 G1 Y5.94
G1 X0.36 G1 Y5.76
G1 X0.54 G1 Y5.58
G1 X0.72 G1 Y5.4
G1 X0.9 G1 Y5.22
G1 X1.08 G1 Y5.04
G1 X1.26 G1 Y4.86
G1 X1.44 G1 Y4.68
G1 X1.62 G1 Y4.5
G1 X1.8 G1 Y4.32
G1 X1.98 G1 Y4.14
G1 X2.16 G1 Y3.96
G1 X2.34 G1 Y3.78
G1 X2.52 G1 Y3.6
G1 X2.7 G1 Y3.42
G1 X2.88 G1 Y3.24
G1 X3.06 G1 Y3.06
G1 X3.24 G1 Y2.88
G1 X3.42 G1 Y2.7
G1 X3.6 G1 Y2.52
G1 X3.78 G1 Y2.34
G1 X3.96 G1 Y2.16
G1 X4.14 G1 Y1.98
G1 X4.32 G1 Y1.8
G1 X4.5 G1 Y1.62
G1 X4.68 G1 Y1.44
G1 X4.86 G1 Y1.26
G1 X5.04 G1 Y1.08
G1 X5.22 G1 Y0.9
G1 X5.4 G1 Y0.72
G1 X5.58 G1 Y0.54
G1 X5.76 G1 Y0.36
G1 X5.94 G1 Y0.18
G1 X6.12 G1 Y0
G1 X6.3
G1 X6.12 G1 Y0.18
G1 X5.94 G1 Y0.36
G1 X5.76 G1 Y0.54
G1 X5.58 G1 Y0.72
G1 X5.4 G1 Y0.9
G1 X5.22 G1 Y1.08
G1 X5.04 G1 Y1.26
G1 X4.86 G1 Y1.44
G1 X4.68 G1 Y1.62
G1 X4.5 G1 Y1.8
G1 X4.32 G1 Y1.98
G1 X4.14 G1 Y2.16
G1 X3.96 G1 Y2.34
G1 X3.78 G1 Y2.52
G1 X3.6 G1 Y2.7
G1 X3.42 G1 Y2.88
G1 X3.24 G1 Y3.06
G1 X3.06 G1 Y3.24
G1 X2.88 G1 Y3.42
G1 X2.7 G1 Y3.6
G1 X2.52 G1 Y3.78
G1 X2.34 G1 Y3.96
M106 S3
G1 X2.16 G1 Y4.14
G1 X1.98 G1 Y4.32
M106 S0
G1 X1.8 G1 Y4.5
G1 X1.62 G1 Y4.68
G1 X1.44 G1 Y4.86
M106 S1
G1 X1.26 G1 Y5.04
M106 S0
G1 X1.08 G1 Y5.22
G1 X0.9 G1 Y5.4
G1 X0.72 G1 Y5.58
G1 X0.54 G1 Y5.76
G1 X0.36 G1 Y5.94
G1 X0.18 G1 Y6.12
G1 X0 G1 Y6.3
G1 Y6.48
G1 X0.18 G1 Y6.3
G1 X0.36 G1 Y6.12
G1 X0.54 G1 Y5.94
G1 X0.72 G1 Y5.76
G1 X0.9 G1 Y5.58
G1 X1.08 G1 Y5.4
M106 S2
G1 X1.26 G1 Y5.22
M106 S17
G1 X1.44 G1 Y5.04
M106 S34
G1 X1.62 G1 Y4.86
M106 S60
G1 X1.8 G1 Y4.68
M106 S91
G1 X1.98 G1 Y4.5
M106 S103
G1 X2.16 G1 Y4.32
M106 S96
G1 X2.34 G1 Y4.14
M106 S91
G1 X2.52 G1 Y3.96
M106 S70
G1 X2.7 G1 Y3.78
M106 S59
G1 X2.88 G1 Y3.6
M106 S34
G1 X3.06 G1 Y3.42
M106 S12
G1 X3.24 G1 Y3.24
M106 S6
G1 X3.42 G1 Y3.06
M106 S0
G1 X3.6 G1 Y2.88
G1 X3.78 G1 Y2.7
G1 X3.96 G1 Y2.52
G1 X4.14 G1 Y2.34
G1 X4.32 G1 Y2.16
G1 X4.5 G1 Y1.98
G1 X4.68 G1 Y1.8
G1 X4.86 G1 Y1.62
G1 X5.04 G1 Y1.44
G1 X5.22 G1 Y1.26
G1 X5.4 G1 Y1.08
G1 X5.58 G1 Y0.9
G1 X5.76 G1 Y0.72
G1 X5.94 G1 Y0.54
G1 X6.12 G1 Y0.36
G1 X6.3 G1 Y0.18
G1 X6.48 G1 Y0
G1 X6.66
G1 X6.48 G1 Y0.18
G1 X6.3 G1 Y0.36
G1 X6.12 G1 Y0.54
G1 X5.94 G1 Y0.72
G1 X5.76 G1 Y0.9
G1 X5.58 G1 Y1.08
G1 X5.4 G1 Y1.26
G1 X5.22 G1 Y1.44
G1 X5.04 G1 Y1.62
G1 X4.86 G1 Y1.8
G1 X4.68 G1 Y1.98
G1 X4.5 G1 Y2.16
G1 X4.32 G1 Y2.34
G1 X4.14 G1 Y2.52
G1 X3.96 G1 Y2.7
G1 X3.78 G1 Y2.88
M106 S12
G1 X3.6 G1 Y3.06
M106 S39
G1 X3.42 G1 Y3.24
M106 S77
G1 X3.24 G1 Y3.42
M106 S130
G1 X3.06 G1 Y3.6
M106 S186
G1 X2.88 G1 Y3.78
M106 S210
G1 X2.7 G1 Y3.96
M106 S230
G1 X2.52 G1 Y4.14
M106 S235
G1 X2.34 G1 Y4.32
M106 S241
G1 X2.16 G1 Y4.5
M106 S240
G1 X1.98 G1 Y4.68
M106 S238
G1 X1.8 G1 Y4.86
M106 S232
G1 X1.62 G1 Y5.04
M106 S215
G1 X1.44 G1 Y5.22
M106 S184
G1 X1.26 G1 Y5.4
M106 S137
G1 X1.08 G1 Y5.58
M106 S72
G1 X0.9 G1 Y5.76
M106 S14
G1 X0.72 G1 Y5.94
M106 S0
G1 X0.54 G1 Y6.12
G1 X0.36 G1 Y6.3
G1 X0.18 G1 Y6.48
G1 X0 G1 Y6.66
G1 Y6.84
G1 X0.18 G1 Y6.66
G1 X0.36 G1 Y6.48
G1 X0.54 G1 Y6.3
M106 S2
G1 X0.72 G1 Y6.12
M106 S10
G1 X0.9 G1 Y5.94
M106 S109
G1 X1.08 G1 Y5.76
M106 S201
G1 X1.26 G1 Y5.58
M106 S236
G1 X1.44 G1 Y5.4
M106 S254
G1 X1.62 G1 Y5.22
M106 S255
G1 X1.8 G1 Y5.04
G1 X1.98 G1 Y4.86
G1 X2.16 G1 Y4.68
G1 X2.34 G1 Y4.5
G1 X2.52 G1 Y4.32
G1 X2.7 G1 Y4.14
G1 X2.88 G1 Y3.96
G1 X3.06 G1 Y3.78
M106 S254
G1 X3.24 G1 Y3.6
M106 S253
G1 X3.42 G1 Y3.42
M106 S246
G1 X3.6 G1 Y3.24
M106 S219
G1 X3.78 G1 Y3.06
M106 S171
G1 X3.96 G1 Y2.88
M106 S104
G1 X4.14 G1 Y2.7
M106 S41
G1 X4.32 G1 Y2.52
M106 S1
G1 X4.5 G1 Y2.34
M106 S0
G1 X4.68 G1 Y2.16
G1 X4.86 G1 Y1.98
G1 X5.04 G1 Y1.8
G1 X5.22 G1 Y1.62
G1 X5.4 G1 Y1.44
G1 X5.58 G1 Y1.26
G1 X5.76 G1 Y1.08
G1 X5.94 G1 Y0.9
G1 X6.12 G1 Y0.72
G1 X6.3 G1 Y0.54
G1 X6.48 G1 Y0.36
G1 X6.66 G1 Y0.18
G1 X6.84 G1 Y0
G1 X7.02
G1 X6.84 G1 Y0.18
G1 X6.66 G1 Y0.36
G1 X6.48 G1 Y0.54
G1 X6.3 G1 Y0.72
G1 X6.12 G1 Y0.9
G1 X5.94 G1 Y1.08
G1 X5.76 G1 Y1.26
G1 X5.58 G1 Y1.44
G1 X5.4 G1 Y1.62
G1 X5.22 G1 Y1.8
G1 X5.04 G1 Y1.98
G1 X4.86 G1 Y2.16
M106 S2
G1 X4.68 G1 Y2.34
M106 S17
G1 X4.5 G1 Y2.52
M106 S71
G1 X4.32 G1 Y2.7
M106 S162
G1 X4.14 G1 Y2.88
M106 S223
G1 X3.96 G1 Y3.06
M106 S246
G1 X3.78 G1 Y3.24
M106 S255
G1 X3.6 G1 Y3.42
G1 X3.42 G1 Y3.6
G1 X3.24 G1 Y3.78
G1 X3.06 G1 Y3.96
G1 X2.88 G1 Y4.14
G1 X2.7 G1 Y4.32
G1 X2.52 G1 Y4.5
G1 X2.34 G1 Y4.68
G1 X2.16 G1 Y4.86
G1 X1.98 G1 Y5.04
G1 X1.8 G1 Y5.22
G1 X1.62 G1 Y5.4
G1 X1.44 G1 Y5.58
G1 X1.26 G1 Y5.76
G1 X1.08 G1 Y5.94
M106 S250
G1 X0.9 G1 Y6.12
M106 S229
G1 X0.72 G1 Y6.3
M106 S113
G1 X0.54 G1 Y6.48
M106 S16
G1 X0.36 G1 Y6.66
M106 S0
G1 X0.18 G1 Y6.84
G1 X0 G1 Y7.02
G1 Y7.2
G1 X0.18 G1 Y7.02
G1 X0.36 G1 Y6.84
G1 X0.54 G1 Y6.66
M106 S57
G1 X0.72 G1 Y6.48
M106 S204
G1 X0.9 G1 Y6.3
M106 S255
G1 X1.08 G1 Y6.12
G1 X1.26 G1 Y5.94
G1 X1.44 G1 Y5.76
G1 X1.62 G1 Y5.58
G1 X1.8 G1 Y5.4
G1 X1.98 G1 Y5.22
G1 X2.16 G1 Y5.04
G1 X2.34 G1 Y4.86
G1 X2.52 G1 Y4.68
G1 X2.7 G1 Y4.5
G1 X2.88 G1 Y4.32
G1 X3.06 G1 Y4.14
G1 X3.24 G1 Y3.96
G1 X3.42 G1 Y3.78
G1 X3.6 G1 Y3.6
G1 X3.78 G1 Y3.42
G1 X3.96 G1 Y3.24
G1 X4.14 G1 Y3.06
G1 X4.32 G1 Y2.88
M106 S254
G1 X4.5 G1 Y2.7
M106 S253
G1 X4.68 G1 Y2.52
M106 S204
G1 X4.86 G1 Y2.34
M106 S103
G1 X5.04 G1 Y2.16
M106 S30
G1 X5.22 G1 Y1.98
M106 S0
G1 X5.4 G1 Y1.8
G1 X5.58 G1 Y1.62
G1 X5.76 G1 Y1.44
G1 X5.94 G1 Y1.26
G1 X6.12 G1 Y1.08
G1 X6.3 G1 Y0.9
G1 X6.48 G1 Y0.72
G1 X6.66 G1 Y0.54
G1 X6.84 G1 Y0.36
G1 X7.02 G1 Y0.18
G1 X7.2 G1 Y0
G1 X7.38
G1 X7.2 G1 Y0.18
G1 X7.02 G1 Y0.36
G1 X6.84 G1 Y0.54
G1 X6.66 G1 Y0.72
G1 X6.48 G1 Y0.9
G1 X6.3 G1 Y1.08
G1 X6.12 G1 Y1.26
G1 X5.94 G1 Y1.44
G1 X5.76 G1 Y1.62
G1 X5.58 G1 Y1.8
G1 X5.4 G1 Y1.98
M106 S30
G1 X5.22 G1 Y2.16
M106 S114
G1 X5.04 G1 Y2.34
M106 S213
G1 X4.86 G1 Y2.52
M106 S254
G1 X4.68 G1 Y2.7
M106 S255
G1 X4.5 G1 Y2.88
G1 X4.32 G1 Y3.06
G1 X4.14 G1 Y3.24
G1 X3.96 G1 Y3.42
G1 X3.78 G1 Y3.6
G1 X3.6 G1 Y3.78
G1 X3.42 G1 Y3.96
G1 X3.24 G1 Y4.14
G1 X3.06 G1 Y4.32
G1 X2.88 G1 Y4.5
G1 X2.7 G1 Y4.68
G1 X2.52 G1 Y4.86
G1 X2.34 G1 Y5.04
G1 X2.16 G1 Y5.22
G1 X1.98 G1 Y5.4
G1 X1.8 G1 Y5.58
G1 X1.62 G1 Y5.76
M106 S253
G1 X1.44 G1 Y5.94
M106 S247
G1 X1.26 G1 Y6.12
M106 S244
G1 X1.08 G1 Y6.3
M106 S234
G1 X0.9 G1 Y6.48
M106 S243
G1 X0.72 G1 Y6.66
M106 S248
G1 X0.54 G1 Y6.84
M106 S137
G1 X0.36 G1 Y7.02
M106 S13
G1 X0.18 G1 Y7.2
M106 S0
G1 X0 G1 Y7.38
G1 Y7.56
G1 X0.18 G1 Y7.38
G1 X0.36 G1 Y7.2
M106 S23
G1 X0.54 G1 Y7.02
M106 S154
G1 X0.72 G1 Y6.84
M106 S177
G1 X0.9 G1 Y6.66
M106 S118
G1 X1.08 G1 Y6.48
M106 S97
G1 X1.26 G1 Y6.3
M106 S90
G1 X1.44 G1 Y6.12
M106 S116
G1 X1.62 G1 Y5.94
M106 S158
G1 X1.8 G1 Y5.76
M106 S199
G1 X1.98 G1 Y5.58
M106 S235
G1 X2.16 G1 Y5.4
M106 S255
G1 X2.34 G1 Y5.22
G1 X2.52 G1 Y5.04
G1 X2.7 G1 Y4.86
G1 X2.88 G1 Y4.68
G1 X3.06 G1 Y4.5
G1 X3.24 G1 Y4.32
G1 X3.42 G1 Y4.14
G1 X3.6 G1 Y3.96
G1 X3.78 G1 Y3.78
G1 X3.96 G1 Y3.6
G1 X4.14 G1 Y3.42
G1 X4.32 G1 Y3.24
G1 X4.5 G1 Y3.06
G1 X4.68 G1 Y2.88
G1 X4.86 G1 Y2.7
G1 X5.04 G1 Y2.52
G1 X5.22 G1 Y2.34
G1 X5.4 G1 Y2.16
M106 S216
G1 X5.58 G1 Y1.98
M106 S121
G1 X5.76 G1 Y1.8
M106 S22
G1 X5.94 G1 Y1.62
M106 S0
G1 X6.12 G1 Y1.44
G1 X6.3 G1 Y1.26
G1 X6.48 G1 Y1.08
G1 X6.66 G1 Y0.9
G1 X6.84 G1 Y0.72
G1 X7.02 G1 Y0.54
G1 X7.2 G1 Y0.36
G1 X7.38 G1 Y0.18
G1 X7.56 G1 Y0
G1 X7.74
G1 X7.56 G1 Y0.18
G1 X7.38 G1 Y0.36
G1 X7.2 G1 Y0.54
G1 X7.02 G1 Y0.72
G1 X6.84 G1 Y0.9
G1 X6.66 G1 Y1.08
G1 X6.48 G1 Y1.26
G1 X6.3 G1 Y1.44
G1 X6.12 G1 Y1.62
M106 S1
G1 X5.94 G1 Y1.8
M106 S98
G1 X5.76 G1 Y1.98
M106 S219
G1 X5.58 G1 Y2.16
M106 S253
G1 X5.4 G1 Y2.34
M106 S255
G1 X5.22 G1 Y2.52
G1 X5.04 G1 Y2.7
G1 X4.86 G1 Y2.88
G1 X4.68 G1 Y3.06
G1 X4.5 G1 Y3.24
G1 X4.32 G1 Y3.42
G1 X4.14 G1 Y3.6
G1 X3.96 G1 Y3.78
G1 X3.78 G1 Y3.96
G1 X3.6 G1 Y4.14
G1 X3.42 G1 Y4.32
G1 X3.24 G1 Y4.5
G1 X3.06 G1 Y4.68
G1 X2.88 G1 Y4.86
G1 X2.7 G1 Y5.04
G1 X2.52 G1 Y5.22
G1 X2.34 G1 Y5.4
M106 S222
G1 X2.16 G1 Y5.58
M106 S139
G1 X1.98 G1 Y5.76
M106 S64
G1 X1.8 G1 Y5.94
M106 S20
G1 X1.62 G1 Y6.12
M106 S3
G1 X1.44 G1 Y6.3
M106 S2
G1 X1.26 G1 Y6.48
M106 S3
G1 X1.08 G1 Y6.66
M106 S5
G1 X0.9 G1 Y6.84
M106 S3
G1 X0.72 G1 Y7.02
M106 S28
G1 X0.54 G1 Y7.2
M106 S59
G1 X0.36 G1 Y7.38
M106 S2
G1 X0.18 G1 Y7.56
M106 S0
G1 X0 G1 Y7.74
G1 Y7.92
G1 X0.18 G1 Y7.74
G1 X0.36 G1 Y7.56
G1 X0.54 G1 Y7.38
M106 S4
G1 X0.72 G1 Y7.2
M106 S0
G1 X0.9 G1 Y7.02
G1 X1.08 G1 Y6.84
G1 X1.26 G1 Y6.66
G1 X1.44 G1 Y6.48
G1 X1.62 G1 Y6.3
G1 X1.8 G1 Y6.12
G1 X1.98 G1 Y5.94
G1 X2.16 G1 Y5.76
M106 S5
G1 X2.34 G1 Y5.58
M106 S35
G1 X2.52 G1 Y5.4
M106 S127
G1 X2.7 G1 Y5.22
M106 S232
G1 X2.88 G1 Y5.04
M106 S254
G1 X3.06 G1 Y4.86
M106 S255
G1 X3.24 G1 Y4.68
G1 X3.42 G1 Y4.5
G1 X3.6 G1 Y4.32
G1 X3.78 G1 Y4.14
G1 X3.96 G1 Y3.96
G1 X4.14 G1 Y3.78
G1 X4.32 G1 Y3.6
G1 X4.5 G1 Y3.42
G1 X4.68 G1 Y3.24
G1 X4.86 G1 Y3.06
G1 X5.04 G1 Y2.88
G1 X5.22 G1 Y2.7
G1 X5.4 G1 Y2.52
G1 X5.58 G1 Y2.34
G1 X5.76 G1 Y2.16
G1 X5.94 G1 Y1.98
M106 S249
G1 X6.12 G1 Y1.8
M106 S201
G1 X6.3 G1 Y1.62
M106 S55
G1 X6.48 G1 Y1.44
M106 S3
G1 X6.66 G1 Y1.26
M106 S0
G1 X6.84 G1 Y1.08
G1 X7.02 G1 Y0.9
G1 X7.2 G1 Y0.72
G1 X7.38 G1 Y0.54
G1 X7.56 G1 Y0.36
G1 X7.74 G1 Y0.18
G1 X7.92 G1 Y0
G1 X8.1
G1 X7.92 G1 Y0.18
G1 X7.74 G1 Y0.36
G1 X7.56 G1 Y0.54
G1 X7.38 G1 Y0.72
G1 X7.2 G1 Y0.9
G1 X7.02 G1 Y1.08
G1 X6.84 G1 Y1.26
G1 X6.66 G1 Y1.44
M106 S20
G1 X6.48 G1 Y1.62
M106 S144
G1 X6.3 G1 Y1.8
M106 S253
G1 X6.12 G1 Y1.98
M106 S255
G1 X5.94 G1 Y2.16
G1 X5.76 G1 Y2.34
G1 X5.58 G1 Y2.52
G1 X5.4 G1 Y2.7
G1 X5.22 G1 Y2.88
G1 X5.04 G1 Y3.06
G1 X4.86 G1 Y3.24
G1 X4.68 G1 Y3.42
G1 X4.5 G1 Y3.6
G1 X4.32 G1 Y3.78
G1 X4.14 G1 Y3.96
G1 X3.96 G1 Y4.14
G1 X3.78 G1 Y4.32
G1 X3.6 G1 Y4.5
G1 X3.42 G1 Y4.68
G1 X3.24 G1 Y4.86
G1 X3.06 G1 Y5.04
M106 S245
G1 X2.88 G1 Y5.22
M106 S142
G1 X2.7 G1 Y5.4
M106 S18
G1 X2.52 G1 Y5.58
M106 S2
G1 X2.34 G1 Y5.76
M106 S0
G1 X2.16 G1 Y5.94
G1 X1.98 G1 Y6.12
G1 X1.8 G1 Y6.3
G1 X1.62 G1 Y6.48
G1 X1.44 G1 Y6.66
G1 X1.26 G1 Y6.84
G1 X1.08 G1 Y7.02
G1 X0.9 G1 Y7.2
G1 X0.72 G1 Y7.38
G1 X0.54 G1 Y7.56
G1 X0.36 G1 Y7.74
G1 X0.18 G1 Y7.92
G1 X0 G1 Y8.1
G1 Y8.28
G1 X0.18 G1 Y8.1
G1 X0.36 G1 Y7.92
G1 X0.54 G1 Y7.74
G1 X0.72 G1 Y7.56
G1 X0.9 G1 Y7.38
G1 X1.08 G1 Y7.2
G1 X1.26 G1 Y7.02
G1 X1.44 G1 Y6.84
G1 X1.62 G1 Y6.66
G1 X1.8 G1 Y6.48
G1 X1.98 G1 Y6.3
G1 X2.16 G1 Y6.12
G1 X2.34 G1 Y5.94
G1 X2.52 G1 Y5.76
G1 X2.7 G1 Y5.58
G1 X2.88 G1 Y5.4
M106 S2
G1 X3.06 G1 Y5.22
M106 S53
G1 X3.24 G1 Y5.04
M106 S201
G1 X3.42 G1 Y4.86
M106 S255
G1 X3.6 G1 Y4.68
G1 X3.78 G1 Y4.5
G1 X3.96 G1 Y4.32
G1 X4.14 G1 Y4.14
G1 X4.32 G1 Y3.96
G1 X4.5 G1 Y3.78
G1 X4.68 G1 Y3.6
G1 X4.86 G1 Y3.42
G1 X5.04 G1 Y3.24
G1 X5.22 G1 Y3.06
G1 X5.4 G1 Y2.88
G1 X5.58 G1 Y2.7
G1 X5.76 G1 Y2.52
G1 X5.94 G1 Y2.34
G1 X6.12 G1 Y2.16
G1 X6.3 G1 Y1.98
G1 X6.48 G1 Y1.8
G1 X6.66 G1 Y1.62
M106 S220
G1 X6.84 G1 Y1.44
M106 S71
G1 X7.02 G1 Y1.26
M106 S1
G1 X7.2 G1 Y1.08
M106 S0
G1 X7.38 G1 Y0.9
G1 X7.56 G1 Y0.72
G1 X7.74 G1 Y0.54
G1 X7.92 G1 Y0.36
G1 X8.1 G1 Y0.18
G1 X8.28 G1 Y0
G1 X8.46
G1 X8.28 G1 Y0.18
G1 X8.1 G1 Y0.36
G1 X7.92 G1 Y0.54
G1 X7.74 G1 Y0.72
G1 X7.56 G1 Y0.9
G1 X7.38 G1 Y1.08
G1 X7.2 G1 Y1.26
M106 S20
G1 X7.02 G1 Y1.44
M106 S142
G1 X6.84 G1 Y1.62
M106 S255
G1 X6.66 G1 Y1.8
G1 X6.48 G1 Y1.98
G1 X6.3 G1 Y2.16
G1 X6.12 G1 Y2.34
G1 X5.94 G1 Y2.52
G1 X5.76 G1 Y2.7
G1 X5.58 G1 Y2.88
G1 X5.4 G1 Y3.06
G1 X5.22 G1 Y3.24
G1 X5.04 G1 Y3.42
G1 X4.86 G1 Y3.6
G1 X4.68 G1 Y3.78
G1 X4.5 G1 Y3.96
G1 X4.32 G1 Y4.14
G1 X4.14 G1 Y4.32
G1 X3.96 G1 Y4.5
G1 X3.78 G1 Y4.68
G1 X3.6 G1 Y4.86
M106 S237
G1 X3.42 G1 Y5.04
M106 S122
G1 X3.24 G1 Y5.22
M106 S2
G1 X3.06 G1 Y5.4
M106 S0
G1 X2.88 G1 Y5.58
G1 X2.7 G1 Y5.76
G1 X2.52 G1 Y5.94
G1 X2.34 G1 Y6.12
G1 X2.16 G1 Y6.3
G1 X1.98 G1 Y6.48
G1 X1.8 G1 Y6.66
G1 X1.62 G1 Y6.84
G1 X1.44 G1 Y7.02
G1 X1.26 G1 Y7.2
G1 X1.08 G1 Y7.38
G1 X0.9 G1 Y7.56
G1 X0.72 G1 Y7.74
G1 X0.54 G1 Y7.92
G1 X0.36 G1 Y8.1
G1 X0.18 G1 Y8.28
G1 X0 G1 Y8.46
G1 Y8.64
G1 X0.18 G1 Y8.46
G1 X0.36 G1 Y8.28
G1 X0.54 G1 Y8.1
G1 X0.72 G1 Y7.92
G1 X0.9 G1 Y7.74
G1 X1.08 G1 Y7.56
G1 X1.26 G1 Y7.38
G1 X1.44 G1 Y7.2
G1 X1.62 G1 Y7.02
G1 X1.8 G1 Y6.84
G1 X1.98 G1 Y6.66
G1 X2.16 G1 Y6.48
G1 X2.34 G1 Y6.3
G1 X2.52 G1 Y6.12
G1 X2.7 G1 Y5.94
G1 X2.88 G1 Y5.76
G1 X3.06 G1 Y5.58
G1 X3.24 G1 Y5.4
G1 X3.42 G1 Y5.22
G1 X3.6 G1 Y5.04
M106 S58
G1 X3.78 G1 Y4.86
M106 S215
G1 X3.96 G1 Y4.68
M106 S255
G1 X4.14 G1 Y4.5
G1 X4.32 G1 Y4.32
G1 X4.5 G1 Y4.14
G1 X4.68 G1 Y3.96
G1 X4.86 G1 Y3.78
G1 X5.04 G1 Y3.6
G1 X5.22 G1 Y3.42
G1 X5.4 G1 Y3.24
G1 X5.58 G1 Y3.06
G1 X5.76 G1 Y2.88
G1 X5.94 G1 Y2.7
G1 X6.12 G1 Y2.52
G1 X6.3 G1 Y2.34
G1 X6.48 G1 Y2.16
G1 X6.66 G1 Y1.98
G1 X6.84 G1 Y1.8
G1 X7.02 G1 Y1.62
G1 X7.2 G1 Y1.44
M106 S200
G1 X7.38 G1 Y1.26
M106 S45
G1 X7.56 G1 Y1.08
M106 S0
G1 X7.74 G1 Y0.9
G1 X7.92 G1 Y0.72
G1 X8.1 G1 Y0.54
G1 X8.28 G1 Y0.36
G1 X8.46 G1 Y0.18
G1 X8.64 G1 Y0
G1 X8.82
G1 X8.64 G1 Y0.18
G1 X8.46 G1 Y0.36
G1 X8.28 G1 Y0.54
G1 X8.1 G1 Y0.72
G1 X7.92 G1 Y0.9
G1 X7.74 G1 Y1.08
G1 X7.56 G1 Y1.26
M106 S90