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I’d hold off. The new parts are way easier to print. No support needed for anything!

Also, for everyone, make sure your calibration is good! When I was printing a 40mm calibration cube, actually just the first four layers, I was getting 40.2 to 40.3mm. Doesn’t really seem like it would make a difference, but it was enough to keep the bearings from touching the tubes. Especially if your tubes aren’t quite the right size. I’m not printing .02 to .03 undersized and that’s working great. The good news is my z axis that I printed slightly large still fits the center, so I didn’t need to reprint those parts. If you have the cable chain motor mounts, those won’t work now. Someone will have to redesign the part so they sit up a bit higher. Found that out when I went to finally install mine. I need to buy some cable chain anyway, the stuff I printed before will be the wrong size from what I print now, and I need another foot of chain.