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2.0 should be an upgrade from 1.0…with that in mind, why not make it the full sheet cnc machine, and make the parts needed milled by using the 1.0.

That way:

1) You can sell the beefed up milled parts, should someone new want to skip directly to the 2.0 version
2) Those of us with a 1.0 can use it to mill the 2.0 parts and upgrade rather cheaply
3) Those that are new that can’t afford the cost of the milled 2.0 parts or don’t need the size of the 2.0 can:
a) stay with the 1.0
b) build their own 1.0 out of cheaply made 3D printed parts, and mill their own 2.0 parts.

Just a thought. Provides you additional income, and give a cheaper avenue who can’t afford the 2.0