Reply To: Cannot connect to Ramps/Arduino Mac/Linux/Windows

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Just to add a little to the post. I am completely green on Arduino and CNC so I found this information in chunks about the driver and the baud rate. In an attempt to change the baud rate I bricked my Arduino by replacing all the programming with just the baud rate code. Found the preconfigured code on this link and changed the Configuration.h file as mentioned above. First thing you must do is install the driver or Arduino IDE won’t see your board. As a newbie to Arduino my steps to fix were as follows:

1. Download the preconfigured Marlin firmware from the link above. Along with the u8glib library if using LCD.
2. Unzip and then open in Arduino IDE software
3. Change the baud rate setting in Configuration.h as mentioned above
4. Verify code
5. Upload the new code to the board

Maybe there is an easier way someone can post. But this would have saved me a few hours of troubleshooting hopefully it will help someone else out.