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Aze Aze

I’m working a bit on the idea of Gannicuss (it’s was just for me, not as an 2.0 in fact. Now than I can mill, I found it will be easier to go to a full mdf or plywood CNC to have quickly a stiffer CNC than to print updates ot the MPCNC). It’s just a personnal work, maybe with failures, but I share my ideas, in case of…My MPCNC is great but a bit too slow and not very accurate. But I thank Vicious again and again for his work, it is clearly the best way to learn CNC when coming from the 3Dprinter world.

I will use different things (it can still change, but I already changed my mind a lot of time):
-general shape will be close to the Shapeoko (1, 2 or 3) = classic moving gantry, but no board going ‘under’ like most of the homemade CNC like this ones or
-the servobelt idea (it’s an old thing but curiously appears today in this forum : ) with some glue on the second GT2 belt.
-the pipe will be glued on U aluminium profiles and hold at ends.
-also I keep the pipe idea because it’s cheaper, more straight than other profiles, less problem with chips, less bearing, etc…Everything looks better, but you need either a CNC or a 3D printer to use round profile, that’s why there are few of homemade CNC using these (I tried to make the system of my first link : and I never was able to make a clean slot in the ‘U steel part’…)
-I try to use small milled part in addition with bigger rectangular board with just some wood screw to join them.

Here are 2 pictures on very early idea. I will test the ‘CNCMyself1’ soon: heads of bolt just feet the holes, to just have to adjust on one side (I made too much contortion with the MPCNC to adjust tension ;=) ). I will put 2 8mm threaded rod in the 2 holes, perpendicular to the parts then, to have some some support to the rectangular wooden board which will be in between bearings (with some wooden screws on the side). I already drawn tons of version of this, but I will test this one (the most basic one…). It’s made with 2 mirror parts and I will put wooden screws everywhere to attache them.