Reply To: Plasma tech discussion



It turned out surprisingly well. I don’t have any pics or videos to post at the moment, but there are really only one or two things that I’d change.

I ended up not building an all metal table, and I wish I had done that, plasma or not.

I ended up just doing the wire from the tip to the ground cable on the welder. It took less time than building cases and shielding everything. From my understanding, this is essentially a pilot arc setup without the current sensor to open the circuit from the wire after the plasma has connected to the work piece. Don’t forget that even though you are hopefully eliminating the HF start problem, an electric arc from a plasma cutter or welder will cause certain levels of disturbance that may or may not also cause you problems. In my case, it didn’t.

I also had a heck of a time getting feed rates and amperage settings dialed in with such a cheapo plasma machine (consumables wear out fast, best cuts with fresh tips and electrodes, plus after a few cuts on a piece, hot metal cuts better) and no THC. If I had the programming smarts, I’d like to build a THC unit. But my time for hobby projects is limited and I don’t use the MPCNC for plasma much anyway because I have access to a significantly more expensive unit at work.

Other than the crappy plasma cutter, I’m happy with it. I made the spoil board removable and have plasma slats under it to hold it up. If there is buildup on the slats after cutting, I just use a grinder to clean it up and replace the spoil board for milling.

-It cuts better than anything at this price range ever should.
-Things I would change are just me being particular.
-Spend more time figuring settings and feed rates for different materials… and write them down lol

You should look up how to make your gcode paths work in your favor. Plasma swirls, so going clockwise on outside cuts and anti-clockwise on inside cuts makes a better cut, leading in on cuts to avoid the corner dots and starting holes… Just read Here and you’ll understand more than most people in my shop lol