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Awesome project!

We are actually ordering a gMax 1.5XT for engineering teams/clubs to use at my college. I had so many potential printers and a rather large budget and ended up choosing the gmax. Hopefully it was a good choice. Can’t wait to set it up next year!

Also, this is how to fix your stl scale issues with Inventor.
Click on the “Export” option, Chose “CAD format”, input a file name and select .STL, click on the “options” button in the middle of the save window, in the upper left choose “binary” and “millimeter”. Doesn’t seem to matter what units you used in the first place (I usually use inches).

Green lines in Inventor is a pet peeve of mine, probably because my CAD teacher in high school was super picky about it. I am usually lazy and just use the auto dimension button. It really helps to have everything fully constrained if you ever go back to change something or reference it in another sketch. Also turning off “Auto Project Geometry” was the best thing he ever told us to do.