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You will love your gmax… however, first thing I did was upgrade the Jhead to an E3D, which required printing a new fan shroud, and a new Auto Bed Leveling sensor holder (the e3d is 10mm or so longer). Now its printing like a DREAM. My heated bed is shipping out today from NYC i think. Gordon is a great business owner, knew I was going to swap the buildtak for PEI so emailed me asking if I would just like the buildtak in the box but not installed. How nice.

Anyway. Yeah the project was super fun. I debut it as my quarterly business review tomorrow. Reaction should be good. Then I have a tradeshow event next week where Ill show it off too.

As far as the scale, i dont mind that at all, its easy to scale up and this keeps the files really small when emailing etc, although its nice to know how to do it 🙂

What do green lines mean? why are they bad? 🙂