Reply To: Plasma cutter.



I’ve had my eye on that unit after seeing it in another thread. If only I wasn’t a college student. The plasma cutter I use at school is the biggest Lincoln Electric model you can get before making a huge step up to industrial stuff (well, as of a few years ago). It is total overkill though. The only real benefit is that it can cut 3/4″ steel and the duty cycle is pretty long. The only cut that I’ve done that exceeded the duty cycle was a sign that was nearly a half hour of straight cutting. Getting that unit and switching to a different torch, even a cheap Chinese one with more common consumables, isn’t a bad idea. One thing to keep in mind is that the Hypertherm units have drag cutting so the tip can directly touch the material and not be a dead short.

No idea on what to say about the welding functionality since I have no experience in welding. I’ve tried to learn a lot online so that I might have better luck when the time comes to try it out. We just got a Square Wave TIG 200 and it is supposed to be an absolute dream to work with but the guys on the baja team stick to their trusty old Miller.