Reply To: Plasma cutter.



That Lotos is a decent machine as far as the China made ones go. The torch model is a PCON40 EDIT: SG-55 (just some conflicting reports) and the consumables are sold in sets of 40 for around $100 EDIT: 80 pcs for ~$50. They are nickel or nickel plated, so they should last quite a bit longer. LOTOS is the brand that all of the other copycat Chinese machines are based off of, so they are at least leader of the pack. The only thing I remember hearing about them is that they are MOSFET driven and not IGBT, which isn’t optimal, but if you aren’t running it for 6+ hours every day, it shouldn’t matter… unless it puts out the blue smoke on the first few uses lol

I got a chuckle out of the “scrape start” though, never heard it called that. 🙂 The accepted industry term is scratch start. If you aren’t using a pedal, you’re doing scratch start (you strike the tungsten tip like a match to start the arc, or just like you were starting an arc for a stick welder) TIG welding, if you do have a pedal, it’s lift start (tungsten tip to the work piece with no juice and as you depress the pedal, you lift the electrode to create an arc). I believe that unit does have a connection for a foot pedal but doesn’t come with one. I’d suggest making a foot pedal so that you can do lift start if you want to learn to TIG without HF. This welding discussion is probably better served in a different topic on the forum though because there is a ton of stuff you can do with these cheap welders. I added an adjustable frequency PWM flip-flop circuit to mine almost immediately after I got it so that I could weld copper.