Reply To: Not Square?



Apologies for bringing up an old thread, but I haven’t been able to use the machine since I made this post due to moving house twice!

I have it all back together and have been tinkering around with it trying to get it to etch PCB’s and I have had limited success there, thats another story though.

The problem I described above is still present and I am pretty confident the issue is in the middle carriage somewhere.

I don’t have the machine set up for printing so I have attached an image of a milling attempt on a PCB. Hopefully you can see the shorter section is straight compared to the outside edge however the longer sections are on an angle.

If I check the squareness of the pipes that go through the middle carriage they are not square, so I am confident the issue is in there somewhere however even after reprinting every piece it has made no effect. Any suggestions you could make to either determine the cause or to rectify the issue?

Apart from that I love the design, it’s brilliant and simple. I am curious how you managed to make yours rigid enough to mill Aluminium though, mine struggled to mill the PCB material (although I didn’t have the right bit so that may be a contributing factor)