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I’m still feeling out the forum software here and the best way to include images/videos…so bear with me 😀

With the machine up and running I went ahead and strapped in my trust old dremel and managed to make an engraved wooden coaster with our companies logo. We had a bunch of these done in cardboard recently so I happened to have the vector art handy to work with 😉

Unfortunately my dremel died partway through. I was able to get it going again by giving the brush retainers a squeeze…but the old girl is on her last legs (brushes still look good and beefy…but the springs just won’t make good contact anymore.) It’s going to be a few weeks until I can get a dewalt but I’m looking forward to it!

I’m also hoping to add a laser at some point. And I remixed the needle cutter to use hicwic’s universal mount: (There was already a version with the other motor bolt pattern, but I wanted to use a motor I had on hand so remixed this version instead.)

I almost have the cutter ready to test, but at the current ~13″ square working area I won’t be able to use it to cut full sheets of foam as I intend.

This weekend my wife and daughter are going on a trip and leaving me home alone…I’m hoping to do a major cleaning on my old detached office and making room for the full 4′ x 4′ base I originally planned to use and rebuilding the whole thing back to it’s original intended size 😀

And now that I’m enjoying using it I’m also tempted to use the PLA parts (though reprinting the ones I had done in black) and build up a second stiffer one on this small base again…just really not sure where I’d keep it. Don’t want to have to keep moving it off the dining room table every night!

So so far I’m absolutely loving this MPCNC and can’t wait to do more with it!