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It will soon be moving out to what used to be my office but is transforming this weekend into a workshop. I’ll also be re-building it as a 36″ x 48″ frame when I do that. Sadly we have no garage at this house πŸ™ On the upside, the lack of garage makes my wife far more understanding about my projects happening in the dining room, kitchen, outside kitchen, living room, driveway and anywhere else I can find space when needed πŸ˜€ It’s great to have a partner who understands my need to create and work on things!

My daughter is actually disappointed that it’s moving outside. She seems to really like the MPCNC. It might be because I used her favorite color (turquoise) for some of the parts, or maybe because the first things I made with it were a penguin drawing and an Elsa drawing for her…or maybe she just finds watching it work as fascinating as I do πŸ˜€

I got the plug idea from another user on here who shared his method on thingiverse: Makes for very clean wiring! Unless you mean the caps which I also found on thingiverse: Tip – if you use slic3r then select “concentric” for the top/bottom fill it makes them look much nicer with a bullseye pattern instead of lines.

I used paracord instead of mesh sleeving to cleanup the stepper wires. That mesh stuff and I never seem to get along. Paracord isn’t much easier to work with, but the ends to unravel as bad for me. It’s a tight fit getting the 4 stepper wires through 550 paracord but can be done. What I did was tape the wires together staggered so each one started about 1/2″ back form the end of the next one creating a cone shape that was easier to push through. I still have to cleanup my Z wiring and make some cable chains to finish cleaning it all up.