Reply To: 24 x 36 Build



Well despite some perceived issues (posted in troubleshooting section) I finally got movement out of the system. The X and Y motion were very “jittery” at slower feed rates (100 or less) and smoother at 250+ on Repetier. After reading some similar issues here I believe I need to adjust my belts. When doing this I discovered I never attached the upper leg piece to the corner assembly. This is when I ran into my perceived issue. I gave up for the night, mainly because I felt really stupid.

A couple of days ago I discovered I did not get my LCD display. Of course when it does not come in the electronics package and you do not order it, you are highly unlikely to get one. I had an Amazon gift card so I ordered one, it cam yesterday and I got it hooked up tonight.

My next tasks are to get a work table made, enclosure for electronics, and some cable management. Of course I will have almost no time to work on it this weekend (Daughter had softball tournament). I Am so close, yet so far from being able to have this up and running.