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My grab bag was “bomber jacket brown” which looks black, unless you make very thin things with it, and “HD Glow Glass” which is supposedly glow in the dark, but just looks white to me.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had great success with PETG in general. It’s much more fickle than PLA. My conclusion is that you just have to have everything dialed in much better, 5% off in the flow rate in PLA will still end up with something functional, but PETG will be a disaster.

I ended up getting pretty good results (as in, usable, at least for easy parts with no supports or overhangs) after printed a dozen or so test cylinders at different temps and flow rates. There was an obvious “sweet spot” for both of those params, and it wasn’t very big. To make it easier for myself, I printed them starting in the corner farthest from the 0,0 and just left them on there when I started the next one, so I didn’t have to go pop off a test piece every 7 minutes. Also, make sure you label them, or you’ll get confused.

Just to give you an idea.