Reply To: My build



Yeah, dj4linux sounded pretty excited when I posted about it over on FT this weekend 🙂 Was waiting to get things a bit further along before I shared here but once I got everything moved to a submenu I figured it was good enough. I’m not good at keeping secrets anyway.

The next major release of Marlin is imminent, they sat on RC3 for a long time then went through 4-5 and 6 really quick. But it’s been on 6 for a few weeks and it looks like the changes are slowing down. Still looks like they’ve done enough I’m guessing there will be a RC7 before they do an actual release. But I’d expect the next major release sometime this summer the way things appear to be going.

Most of the changes don’t really affect the MPCNC much, lots of stuff geared towards delta printers, CoreXY and other unusual designs, plus some more improvements to autolevel. But there have also been smaller things like fine tuning the settings so the LCD is easier to use and the knob is more predictable. At this point big changes are done, they’re just still nailing little bugs as they crop up.