Reply To: Amazon $35 ramps kit



FWIW I bought that exact ramps kit off amazon a few weeks ago ( thought I had fried the Mega board on my 3D printer and wanted another graphic LCD anyway so just bought a full kit.) It’s my 3rd RAMPS setup and I was more impressed by it than the other 2 I have.

The first one came with my FolgerTech 2020 i3 and was serviceable but had the worst workmanship. I had to resolder parts of the RAMPS and the adapter for the LCD was only half soldered! It did come all pre-assembled but didn’t have pins on the auxiliary 12v which I ended up having to add because I needed that for the inductive sensor I added.

The second one I ordered from China for my MPCNC since I wasn’t in a hurry. It was the cheapest but did come with DRV8825’s and the workmanship was better than the Folger one. But it came un-assembled and several of the microstepping jumpers were damaged. Thankfully I had plenty of spare jumpers laying around.

The 3rd one from Kuman on Amazon was the fastest to ship, had the best soldering of the three, was the only one to include the aux 12v header pre-installed and came with the longest LCD cables (almost twice as long as the next longest set!) It did come with the A4988’s which I’ve not had the best of luck with on my 3D printer (but still use for X/Y on there because I’ve been too lazy to swap them like I did on Z and the extruder where I was having issues.) and it did come un-assembled. But no parts were missing or damaged and it was packaged nicer than the other two I’ve got.

Having tried both drivers I do tend to prefer the DRV8825’s but would use the A4988’s in a pinch without a second thought.