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Hi! First of all, thanks for sharing this awesome design and project you have created. For those that own a printer, is an epic adventure to begin with 🙂

I spent a few weeks reading, and two days ago I started with print calibration for my rails, and once I nailed it, I started the printing fabric xD. Im still with the corners, and will continue with the motor rollers.

Just wanted to ask about this new update on the center, because it looks more rigid, and the tool holder/calibration of it easier. I will install the Makita spindle at the begining, because is the one I already have, and Dewal 660 here where I live is expensive.
So, thinking about all of this, is better that I wait until all the testers of the update give you enough feddback, and you can securely upload the new center parts?

Thanks in advice, and sorry for my english, im working on it.
Greetings from Spain