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I started to build my MPCNC last July – but only had time in short spurts to work on it. Finally getting it running. It has a 3×4 foot work area – using the Dewalt 660

I put a support midway on the outer X and Y support rails – but where it is weak is the gantry pipes flex in middle – I am thinking of doing my own redesign – using 2 or even 4 pipes on both th eX and Y axis… Just an idea – But, was also looking at the possibility of making a platform mount and using 4 pipes on the Z axis with belt drive for the Z.

Has There been any effort to try to use Timing Belt for the Z axis in the current design? It would really up the speed of the Z-axis.

As it is I am going to change my Z to 1/16th stepping rather than 1/32.

I’ve attached some pics of the beast
and a preliminary idea for the 4 pipes in all directions…