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You always see these YouTube vloggers commenting I all these different brands of high and low end 3d printers. and while I enjoy learning about what’s out there I always find myself laughing when they talk about how youre going to pay more for better quality…. When I got into this project I was just looking for something that could spit out large dirty prints for some one-off projects I was working on. now I’m devoted to pushing this 300 dollar multi-tool to its limits to show off how incredibly capable it actually is. and being able to throw a multi-part model on the bed all at once is a godsend. it may take longer, but the nature of this design means that even if you have a failed print (from clogging, warping, whatever), chances are your machine will not be affected. I’ve seen simple problems cause huge issues because they weren’t caught for hours on other printers. But this thing is totally capable of anything I can throw at it. I’d love to see 3d printing nerd or makers muze get a chance to put one of these to task. i came into this project with incredibly low expectations and I’ve had those met and exceeded 100fold. great work Ted, or Ryan, or whatever you call yourself…