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I was at the maker faire yesterday and it is kinda funny to see all these giant name printer brands there, all trying to say there printer is better than the others and there prices keep climbing (one of them told me their build volume sets them far above the competition, I almost laughed out loud). Look at there print tables any you could never pick one out of the crowd. The other thing that gets me is they are still making single function machines, why, no reason not to add a laser or laser option? I understand it takes time to change up production parts of mass produced machines but it has been years and all they seem to change it the case they put them in.

Side note has a pretty good option for me to buy Bulk software and offer it with complete kits. There software would be the same price but I can give a discount on my complete bundle. I just have to buy the licenses in bulk 5-10 at a a time.