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Nesting is where it basically tabs in every comment in a sub conversation where you reply directly to a post right? That is super helpful since this forum doesn’t use the typical quoting most other forums do. Hopefully things don’t get too confusing without it. Hope the software update has some useful features that don’t break everything that already works.

You always have a lot going on. It’s crazy. I don’t think I could monitor everything that happens on this forum, let alone design revisions for the machine, sell kits, and print parts for kits and prototyping. Do you ever have time to do other fun stuff?

Awesome, hopefully it can help some of the threads from getting off topic from the originals.

Another thing that might be useful, and I think this is already implemented but i’m not quite sure, is pinned or starred threads. They would be incredibly useful in the troubleshooting section. How many “its not square” threads do we really need?