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SWEET! New Z axis assembly instructions look awesome! Was a bit disappointed to see the new center ones aren’t up yet, but I totally understand how much work assembly instructions are especially when targeting people that haven’t built something like this before. Just today I had to help build two units of one of our new products that consists of about 600lbs of tubing and 100 bolts. The person helping me had built 4 before and made the assembly instructions and we still had to pull up the solidworks assembly and break it down to see how certain parts fit together. I’d post a link since it kinda goes together like the MPCNC using tubing and bolts but everything that makes it awesome is “patent pending” right now and my boss (the designer) is always paranoid about his ideas being taken.

I can’t wait to get my MPCNC back up and running to print the middle assembly! Now if only my current printer could actually produce a good updated corner block part.