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I had the original with camaro rigid upgrade. the original design never really fit for me. the pipes were always too tight. i haven’t had a chance to pull apart the machine I have now to install the latest upgrade, but from what I’ve found, the parts are a much better fit and super rigid. this design has gone through a couple of redesigns, and I was(am) testing out the part that came before this. it wasn’t necessarily successful rigidity wise, but it led to what he’s got out now. and even that build is a better fit for the pipe I can get locally. He’s changed the design of the z parts as well, making them more stucturally rigid by moving everything closer the center of the axis’. by aligning instead of offsetting the bearings of the z support there is little chance of the z tower getting off plumb from over tightening one bolt. and he’s moved the tool in closer to the lead screw. its truly a masterpiece. like I said I haven’t used the final revision parts yet, mainly because I’m getting such good results from the beta build, which does have one significant flaw that brings in potential z axis wobble, but he’s totally gotten around that by relocating the X and y axis bearings in the new parts. i really want to install these parts but I have a bunch of stuff queued up to print right now that I have to get through before I can take it back offline.