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While I haven’t been part of this community long I think tacking V2, mk2, gen2, etc to the end of MPCNC is still the better way to go. It makes it findable when searching for MPCNC and yet distinguishes it as a different model.

I think some of the confusion and excess questions might have been avoided if on the new version pages there was a link to an “Upgrade From V1 to V2 FAQ” that detailed what parts/sections that are still compatible. What additional hardware that is needed. And any other question that you find yourself answering over and over again.

God knows lots of users don’t read documentation, but a quick faq that you update as you get common questions may go a long way to helping people and saving you time. At the very least your email responses might be able to be shortened to “Question answered in FAQ” with a link. A little less personal but your only one man.