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But if U add transport to that price I dont think U can beat my price for PLA.

Sry mate for 31 eur I get 1kg of pla. 70% good PLA, I’ve learned every color and roll, I know how good they r.

Here I can get for 28 eur ABS but …
I, honestly dont want to get my lungs filled with filthy ABS …. sry but PLA is more “natural”, form wiki, PLA is from “renewable resources” so …. Mother Nature makes the best combination of chemicals!!
I dont want my daughter to feel the stench of filthy plastics in her lungs.
In my humble oppinion, ABS or any other plastic is seccond to PLA, cuz is natural, chemicals made by man dont affect PLA.
I dont care about properties, PLA fill my needs, and my MPCNC IS STRONG!

My MPCNC is 115 cm or 45.2 in wide and 73 cm or 28.7 in long. PLA is better than ABS, except temp, but for long run …!!!

P.S. Ryan, with 13mm nut holder, mounted on bottom, with 2 nuts and spring, I have no backlash. Really, no backlash!!