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Name proposal: How about ‘The vicious cube’? 😉

It resembles the geometry of my OrdBot Hadron. Apart from all other pro-properties: It is optimally suited for own additions, hacks, experiments…

On autoleveling: I like that a lot. I made my very own version, using the nozzle itself as a z-sensor. I put the whole hotend cluster on a separate holding plate that can flip up when it gets too much pressure from below. On one side, the plate rests on a hinge made up by two spherical magnets, the other side is pressed down by a) gravity, b) a guided spring. the downward-way is limited by a simple M3 bolt resting on a force sensitive resistor. A simple Schmitt-trigger converts the output signal to a Rumba- or Ramps- compatible level.
Pictures and a description (in german) can be seen here.
Here is an englisch description. Not sure if you have to register there to read it.
Oh well, that odd hotend visible there has since been replaced by an E3D V6. Highly recommended.
With the switchless version I can change building plates with various thicknesses or covers without any need to re-adjust the z-level any more. Even after the change of the hotend (or the odd repair), there was no need for any re-calibration.
Something like that for the MPCNC in combination with LinuxCNC would be wonderful… I know, there is one preprocessor, but it is pretty, well, basic and rustical to handle.