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Oops. I just needed the old tool holder and extruder mount. So I’m good with old files.

I’m still having problems with the wiring. Specifically the routing/cable management. It’s all plugged in and working, just a mess. And the filament feed/spool holder. Mine is on a spare piece of conduit in a trash can. Sub optimal. Haven’t quite figured out the best way to do all that organizing.

I had problems with the corner block and the gantry, but it looks like there are more pictures for the corner block now and the gantry has been redesigned.

The extruder took a little extra googling – how to physically mount it, how to get the filament to feed, setting the tension on the feed. I had no idea I needed some blue tape (for adhesion). Still not completely sure what I’m doing with the printer – it usually takes 2-3 times for me to get a successful “start” to the print. For some reason when I 0,0 the coords before I slice, it still wants to move up and to the right before starting the print. Still need to do more searching. I’ll probably make a forum post on my “complete noob extruder woes” so somebody in my shoes can search and find it.

Seriously, thanks again!

EDIT: My build was rectangular, but after I had the ends parallel to each other, I realized it might be slightly better to put the longer axis on the bottom of the corner (keep longer lower, maybe more rigidity? IDK, makes sense in my head.

The steppers. When you mount the gears on the steppers, you probably want the side with the allen keys to face away from the center of the machine. Also, I had to drill out the corner blocks I got from you to make the belt loop through it. Not sure if I should have done something else. Oh, and it’s minor, but does the belt go from the stepper, through the corner hole? Or from stepper, around the top or bottom, then through the hole from the outside? Hole first made more sense to me, but a picture of that would clear it up.