Reply To: Heavier Conduit?



Oh, I understand that. Is there anyway that us users can modify the needed parts to accommodate the larger conduit? As I see it, the only parts that would need to be modified are the Foot_Bottom, (Bottom_CornerF and BottomM_CornerF), (Lock_CornerF and LockM_CornerF), (Top_CornerF and TopM_CornerF), Spacer_CornerC, and the Roller_F. To me it seems as though a most of these parts only need to probably be scaled up a little bit to make changes. I only can imagine that the Roller_F part would need modifications to make it work properly and still be able to attach the Roller_Motor_Mount without any issues.

Is there a way to get the native file for any of these parts like the Roller_F so that I could easily modify it to make it work?