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Hi everyone,

I am using Inventor HSM 2016, which is supposed to run the same CAM system as Fusion 360 with the only difference being that it might have a few more features. I tried running my first test part with the MPCNC_Fusion360_V6_SDcard.cps file found on page 2. My test part is kind of small at around an inch by two inches with a few different sized holes in the center, and different fillet radi around the outside. HSM shows an estimated run time of 1min 16sec which seems right with the feedrates that I am using (35in/min about 15mm/s). But if I put it through repetier to double check it shows much shorter times. When I go to run the machine it seems like the x axis works, but the x and y just kind of do nothing or move very little.

What settings do you guys use for feeds and speeds? I know plunge rate is basically how fast the z axis will lower, but what one controls how fast it comes out?


Downloaded Fusion 360 and followed a post someone put on their blog about using it. Just imported my part from inventor. Everything worked just fine. I think the z speed was a bit fast for my MPCNC, but that is easy to slow down.

I wonder if the issue with inventor was the units. Everything else seemed exactly the same as in fusion.