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I had a bunch of parts I printed with black esun fail. Some before I even put screws into them. They cracked just sitting on my desk unstressed 🙁

That whole roll of black esun I had was junk. It would feel flexible and not brittle when I’d test it…but after every print it would snap an inch above my extruder and there’d be a few inches of brittle filament. Then after printing the parts would look ok…but a few days later they’d all be brittle and many broke in half just sitting there.

I ended up reprinting my whole machine in PETG since I have to keep it in my old office which is a free standing building in my backyard that I don’t keep air conditioned…and I live in the AZ desert (114f last weekend) so I figured PLA wouldn’t hold up. I followed the printing suggestions but added a 4th perimeter with the PETG to help make up for it being more flexible…but not sure I’d do that again as it made the feet very difficult to get on the conduit (everything else went fine.)

I got my PETG from Atomic and Maker geeks and love it. MG had a sale going with 2 rolls for $33 shipped but they pick the colors…thankfully they managed to send me colors I liked 😉