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There were two files on Thingiverse when I downloaded it.

an STL (which is of course universal) and Blank_Mount.x_t which is a Parasolid file. Right now I don’t have anything that reads the Parasolid file. But I’m looking at a conversion tool and have downloaded an evaluation to see how it handles the Parasolid file.

Ideally I want to see if I can pull it into FreeCAD which I’ve been working with quite a bit lately, and I haven’t checked to see if Fusion360 can import the Parasolid file and also allow exporting to something I could use in FreeCAD. I’d work with it in Fusion360 but at least on the machine where I have that installed it is very slooow compared to FreeCAD.

Not a big deal, just more challenging to do anything extensive with the .stl file.

I’ll see if I can convert the file tomorrow.