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Yes I have the drawing but it would be quicker to have something that I can directly import:)

Short of the FreeCAD native format the best choices are:

1 – STEP (appears to be what the FreeCAD developers / users say works best)
2- IGES (When exporting from FreeCAD they say to set IGES export to B-Rep mode, don’t know if that is important on the import side).

Either of those should be fine for those of us using FreeCAD.

Not a bit rush, but I’ll likely be looking at making a couple of custom tool mounts in the future, so having a STEP or IGES file would save me a bunch of time.

Now back to getting the DeWalt mounted and trying to get some cutting tests completed.

I think I need to go back and revisit the overall frame rails alignment. The calibration tests appear to be quite good, excellent repeatability, and everything appears to draw square but with the new middle which is perfectly square there is a small difference along the outside Y rails that I didn’t see before. Not sure if it will be a problem given the test plot results, but it needs to be addressed.

Once I get things really tuned then I plan on building a slightly larger machine, and plan on getting an extruder to do some larger format 3D printing as well. I was just able to fit the XYZ pieces on the Simple Metal PrintrBot buy placing them diagonally, and there have been a couple of other projects where having a larger print volume would have allowed me to make some parts that I passed on.

Thanks again,