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Was able to convert the .x_t file to STEP.

I hadn’t played with ONshape in a bit and had received a link to a video on sharing files between Onshape and Solidworks.

I found that I can import the .x_t file and then select the entire model and right click to get the context menu and from there I can export to a number of CAD file formats, including STEP.

Did that and the part imported to FreeCAD perfectly. Previously I thought that I could only work with Onshape files so that is good to know.

This may be useful for others who need to do a conversion. Set up a free Onshape account even if you aren’t doing a lot of modeling with it, although it is pretty good and I find it to be faster than Fusion360. Onshape is much more responsive for a browser based 3D modeling tool. I just prefer to keep my files more directly under my control, so FreeCAD works well enough for most of what I’m doing at present.

I’ll be tied up for a couple of days, but then will have a new video of the MP CNC build actually cutting something:)