Reply To: Spindle/Tool weight



yeez, fast reply: thanx for all the tips!

Allright i’ll set it up with the spindle i have then. i am saving up for a foredom anyway because i think it’s a nice tool to have on it self

About the weight of the spindle, yeah i was a bit surprised too, the “datasheet” that came with it even said 3.5kg but on my scale it says 2.4kg

I’ll be focussing on milling aluminium first, pcb’s later, & i will of course let you know how that works out with this spindle.
About the size; I kind of figured it is too big. The reason i built it this size is that i wanted to be able to occasionally mill a 19″ frontpanel. But of course this is normally not a 19″ square. Would you reccomend only shortening one axis to get improvement for instance leaving the x rails at 78 cm and shortening the y rails to around 50/40cm ? Or better to keep it square?

and of course i undestand there are practical limits and was allready thinking if all works ok and i have the possibility of printing partsi’ll make some dedicated mpcnc’s. One that is small and more precise for the pcb’s for instance..