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Status Update:

So it looks like the only part of the gcode that was messed up that I can see was the starting code. The default postprocessor wasnt setting up home correctly at the beginning of the job. It worked when I replaced the start script with this:

N10 G90
N15 ;Units in mm
N20 G92 X0 Y0 Z0   <----- I THINK THIS IS THE KEY PART
N25 M84 S1800 ;Change Stepper disable timeout to 30 minutes
N30 G1 Z10 F2000 ; Lift Z 10mm to avoid dragging to first operation

It was originally this, which didn’t work right:

G21 G90 G64 G40
G0 Z3.0
( T0 : 3.175 )
T0 M6