Reply To: Putting my plan together


Lou Spinuso

Thanks, so you think conduit would be suitable for a CNC of that size?

I want to go full sheet because I’m hoping to be able to use it to cut wood out of full sheets to make cabinets and boxes more accurately than I get when trying to manhandle a large sheet through a table saw by myself. Also, with a CNC mill, I should be able to have less waste cuts as I should be able to fit pieces in ways that I wouldn’t be able to using traditional tools. tbh, I think I will mostly use it for 1/2 and 3/4 inch ply though I do see a time in my future where I’ll probably use it on boards (once my building skills with wood increase). I’ll definitely have to give it some thought.

using laser on 1/4 is more of a question. I like the etching (I’d love to put some personalization on some pieces) but if I have some really tricky, small details, sharp corner cuts that need to be made, it’s nice to know that the laser might be able to pull it off. Though again, not even a remote priority, just more of a curiousity.

And great idea on the use of a torsion box. That should keep things rigid enough to stay flat.

Thanks again