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Silvio Franco

Hi, Ryan and friends. I am building my first MPCNC machine here in Brazil and almost everything in the software and electonics stuff are new for me. So I am doing very slow trying to understand and learn at same time. I need some help from you on the firmware from Marlin. I have downloaded the files you indicated in the site including the file above mentioned by RAGII. But my doubts are:
1. What are the exact parameters that I need to upload in the Arduino board knowing that I will use the machine to cut foam with niddle fly wheel. At this first attempt, I will not use the machine as a 3D printer.
2. Is the procedure just this? Just copy the parameters and save them on the Arduino board?
3. What are the first running tests I need to do?
4. Could you suggest some videos or posts in this forum that could help me?

Thanks a lot for your attention and support.

Silvio –