Reply To: Heat a bolt if the tube is too tight

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Yep, even using two soldering irons would be a risk; if it was the only chance, i.e. 25.4mm OD maybe wold take the risk… slowly.

16T/2mm. The Pololu gives 2,5A. My steppers are 2Amps each. If used in parallel i can only get 1,25A/stepper from the driver, so I use in them series, with full 2A both. At 825mm/min the steppers rotate at about ~ 0.4 rps.

Steppers at these speeds are torquier in series or parallel?

I tried max speed and failed just at 15,000mm/min. :D.

The center assembly is great. Maybe because ABS, the bearings secured by the main vertical bolt tight a little bit the tubes, but don’t’justify at all the iron method 😀