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Here’s a couple more videos. First is another “plot” this one of the Crown .dxf file. It worked quite well, I tried some different sizes small (about an inch wide), one a little bit larger and this one.

And the next one is the first (well really the second) cut with the DeWalt router. Went very well for a first try. Nothing exciting, just a slot 5mm deep, 10 mm wide and 19mm long.

Now to zero in on a CAM package to use going forward, these were done with EstlCam, but I’m still working though some things getting used to it.

FreeCAD’s Path workbench looks promising but is in heavy development so it will be a little while before it is really useful. HeeksCAD/CNC is giving me a little indigestion on a couple of tests at the moment, again likely due to just really getting started with CNC.

I expect to have some more interesting projects up in the next week or two.